Matt & Dave Are So Depressed

Based on a true story, Matt & Dave Are So Depressed follows the lives of two roommates who kinda just sit around all day or whatever.

The Pitch

Best Opportunity you'll see before bedtime
Looking for the right partner to make Matt & Dave a full digital series

Matt & Dave Are So Depressed is an online original web series pilot presentation. David Zarif and Team completed two 11-minute episodes which stand before you. Matt & Dave was shot in two days on a shoestring budget of $4,000. We've tested episodes against multiple comp audiences. Research and past history show that depressing comedies outperform the market in down economies. Where do millennials turn to escape reality in the Post-Obama era? There is a market and massive encouragement to continue the webseries. Now we're looking for partners to take us to the next level.


A Rag Tag Team Looking Westward

David Zarif


Lance Kirshner


Greg Hirsh


Michael J Lambie


Brandon Bales

Actor – Dave

Nick Burr

Actor – Matt

Frances Parsons

Actress – Kelly
Some Kind Words

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Matt & Dave are now accepting applications for new roommates.